Away Space House Rules

The following rules are applicable for all of our properties. 
  • No Smoking or vaping.
  • No parties.
  • Remove all shoes inside.
  • All persons under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  • No use of candles.
  • All electrical items (including phone chargers) must be turned off and unplugged whilst guests are out.
  • No copying of keys.
  • No additional guests unless authorised by Away Space Ltd.
  • No moving of any furniture unless authorised by Away Space Ltd.
  • All windows/doors must be locked whilst guests are out.
  • Guests must leave the property in the same condition as when they checked in.
  • No pets to be brought into the house at any point.
    Guests must behave/park with consideration to the surrounding properties and neighbours.
  • No excessive drinking or any taking/smoking of illegal substances in or on the property grounds. 
  • Guests must empty all indoor bins into the outdoor bins provided when the bins are full. 
  • Guests must recycle their cardboard, glass, tins, paper and plastics in the recycling boxes/clear bags provided. 
  • Guests must follow the check out details as instructed. This includes securing the keys into the key safe and leaving any parking permits inside the property. 
  • Guests must report any damage/soilage to Away Space immediately.
  • All lights must be turned off whilst guests are out and upon departure.
  • All room stats must be turned down to 15 upon departure or whilst guests are out. 
  • Guests are not permitted to register any mail to the property whilst staying. 
  • Upon departure all belongings must be taken. This includes toiletries and food/cupboard items. 
Away Space Property Rental in Swindon and Cotswold Areas

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